You already have those gorgeous curves. And they indeed look good on you. However, you can make them even better, more pronounced by shaping your waist. The best way to do that is by using a waist trainer. Many women use them, especially after they deliver their bundles of joy. If you would like one, then you had better get the best one.

Remember, this is something that you will have to wear for a prolonged period so that you can see positive results. The good thing is that the market teems with some wonderful corsets. Some of them are well known designer names, some not so well known, but in any case, you should have a good chance of making your curves more pronounced.

Here are a few awesome waist trainers that you need:  

Under-bust corset from Lover-Beauty

Made of a mixture of cotton and spandex at 96% and 4% respectively, the outcome is this lovely Latex under-bust corset  that also has 9 steel bones which are soft and as flexible as the plastic bones. The three hooks arrangement ensures that you keep cinching your waist as it gets smaller.

The hook/eye design is easy and friendly to use. You do not require anyone to come help you wear this corset. It is said that this waist trainer can help you lose up to 5 inches from your waist, which is quite big, thanks to the high compression style and design.

This corset works even better on shaping your waist if you take your exercises and watch your diet.     

Waist Training Corset from FIRM ABS

This is another of the favorites if the rave reviews posted for it on the internet are anything to go by. It is a 100% latex waist trainer. It is made of three layers of latex and it is sold true to size meaning that you should measure your waist correctly before placing your order so that you can get the right one. You can wear this waist trainer for almost all occasions.

For example, you can wear it when sleeping, when working out, when going to work, basically, it can be your daily companion until you attain the waist size that you want.

It is sold with a 30 day money back guarantee. The manufacturer says that this waist trainer is designed to offer ample back support for people who have back pain problems. It will help you get rid of that pot belly as it assists your body to burn fat much faster.

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Colombian Waist Trainer Trimmer

This is a three hook row corset and it is also a high torso trainer meaning that it gives your back more support than many of the other trainers that we have in the market. If you are looking for the best, latex corset of high quality, this is it for you. You will wear it until you attain the actual waist size that you want. You will feel comfortable in this corset because when you sweat, the innermost layer will wick away that sweat.

Note that this is not a boned waist trimmer but it is strong enough to feel like one when you wear it. You can wear it with your not-too fitting clothes and no one will be the wiser about it.

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SEXYWG Long Torso Waist Trainer

This is the waist trainer that is going to bring your sexy back. You can wear it inside your work clothes and no one will know. Yes, it is that inconspicuous. The manufacturer says that this waist trainer is good for aerobics and any other weight loss programs you may engage in.

This is a breathable waist trainer, has  strong hooks that will not give in under too much wearing and is firm but stretchy at the same time. If you have given birth to your lovely baby, if you are on diet and you would like to train your waist as you diet, this is the waist trainer to go for. Most people said that they looked slimmer immediately they wore this corset. You can wear it to a wedding, birthday or any other party on short notice.

These are just four of some of the best waist trainers in the market. There are many more. The most important thing is to precisely measure your waist before you order yours online.

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