Along time ago or perhaps not long ago depending on the reader, the art of wooing a woman with pure chivalry was real. Back then, dating was fun because people used to have real conversations facing one another, used to send each other letters and love was in the air.

However, today, the social media and electronic gadgets have taken over everything. Do you know how many relationships are borne and ended on Facebook even before the two concerned people meet? What does this mean for dating then? Is it all gone and finished? Apparently not, if you are smart. There are a few things that you can adopt, which would turn you into a serial dater if you like.

Always go face to face whenever possible

No phone calls, no messages and no Facebook Messenger. Most people think that these apps build relationships, but they do not. If anything, they just destroy the real personal time that you would go on to have with a person that you like or love very much. Conversation is long gone, and whatever is remaining is not enough to be sustained out of topics like video games, apps and movies. With a text message only needing you to type 160 characters, well, that is not enough to have a good conversation, is it?

Don’t become a clinger

Do not be the kind of person who clings desperately once you find someone who can love you. You need to show that you have, or can have a life on your own. Calling and texting every hour is considered in the same terms as evil, and you do not want to do that. Do not become too curious. Curiosity killed the cat, and it can kill your relationship. Take things easy, one day at a time.

Be a keeper

You should be a keeper, not someone who plays with other people’s feelings, stringing them on and making them think there is love in the offing while there is none. Once you find the right person, keep them! You cannot imagine how many people’s hearts languish in pain just because they do not have anyone to love. Make your partner happy in every way possible.

Control your love fears

We have all been dumped, and we have dumped some people too. We know just how heart wrecking it can be. It is like the ripping apart of two souls that had hitherto been tied together by love, and time. With this kind of experience, we develop fears and we start building barriers over our hearts.

We become too fearful such that even when we find true love again, we do not recognize it. If you do not learn to forgive, let go and bury the past, well, you could spend many loveless years because of fear. Do not live in the prison of romantic fear. Learn to dust yourself up and move on.

All men are not the same. All women are not the same. Go out there and find love again.

Inject some oomph to your confidence

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem are the greatest push-offs. They are like two signals reading “persona non grata” on your face. People, meaning potential suitors just reject you even before you have shown your interest in them. So, self-train, or take a therapy to boost your confidence as much as possible. This shows that you have accepted yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and that you are happy with who you are. If you are happy with who you are, well, other people can accept you much easier.

Find someone you are compatible with

Love is not the sublime reason. Sometimes, you will wake up and wonder why you moved in with such a person in the first place. At such times, you can only fall back on one thing, friendship. So, find a person you are compatible with, a person that you have many things in common with.