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Morning Issues

Ever since I learned the power of good nutrition, I have been trying hard to pack my body with the best, healthiest nutrients. My body has rewarded me in kind because today, I do not make as many trips to the doctor in a year as I used to. My allergies are gone and the usual cases of flu and colds have reduced a lot.


There is power in green smoothies. Let’s face it, eating vegetable and salads all the time does not sound very cool. However, we know that it is very important that we take our share of vegetables. I have found the way, and that is in blending them and taking them as smoothies.  Once I accessed, I knew I was on the right track. This site talks about blenders and blending.


My days must always start with a glass of smoothie in the morning. This is a healthy habit that I have maintained for so many years and I am glad I do it since the health benefits of this routine are immense.


My smoothie blender unfortunately broke today in the morning as I was preparing my usual smoothie after falling from the kitchen countertop. I need to replace it as soon as possible. After taking a look at what the market is currently offering, I was satisfied that any the following three brands can whirl my smoothies just the way I love them.


Cuisinart Hurricane

If you love your smoothie really smooth without any fruit chunk, the Cuisinart Hurricane compact juicing blender should therefore be your number one choice. This blender gives you an option of making both larger and smaller quantities if smoothies. It has a large 32-ounce jar and a single serve 16-ounce jar. In addition, it comes with an extra 16-ounce travel mug that has a lid, four plastic straws that are reusable and an eight-ounce chopper cup.


The Cuisinart has a three-speed control dial that is easy to operate. It enables you to control the process until you get your preferred texture. The blades are strong enough to crash ice chunks so that you can enjoy your favorite chilled smoothie. It is compactly built such that it only occupies a small space on your kitchen counter and it is easy to clean. As shown here, this blender gets your cup of perfect smoothie ready easily.



Compactly built

Makes very smooth smoothies

Easy to run

Dishwasher safe

Silent operation

Sturdy jar handle with a comfortable grip



Blade assembly is quite hard

Leaves small chunks of ice


Vitamix A3500 Ascent

Vitamix A3500 Ascent

The Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series is a high performing smooth blender that comes in a modern sleek design.  It has a black colored base that is made of stainless steel, an LED touchscreen interface and a clear durable plastic jar.


The blades are strong enough to crash ice chunks and fruits to a smooth mixture. It has smart settings that can be pre-programmed for making smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups and spreads. It is self-cleaning and has ten different speed options. In addition, it has an inbuilt timer on the blenders display and a tamper that assists in making thick mixtures such as frozen desserts.



No assemblage needed for blades

Runs silently

Easy to use


Pre-programmed settings

Many speed options




Not dishwasher friendly


Oster Whirlwind Heritage 1000 Plus Blender

Oster Whirlwind Heritage 1000 Plus

The Oster Whirlwind Heritage blender is a very simple to operate blender since it comes with just a single switch that is set to either blend continuously or pulse at the same speed. It comes with a big glass jar that has a sturdy handle with a comfortable grip, a black jar lid and a silver base containing a 1000-watt motor.


The blades are strong enough to grind coffee beans, ice chunks, fruits and vegetables to a smooth paste. It is small enough such that it occupies just a small space on your kitchen counter. It packs quite admirable features, just as the product you will see on   .



Dishwasher safe

Easy to operate and control

The jar is strong

Easy to place the jar on the base

Strong blades





Home Done Facials

Having a glowing and radiant face is every woman’s dream. That is the reason why most women are trying all manner of face pampering ways to achieve this dream. Among the most effective skincare routines to acquire a healthy face with an even complexion is by doing regular facials.


One can get a facial done on her by a professional in the spas and beauty parlors although at a relatively high fee. The high fees charged by these spas may deter many from having their faces pampered although they badly would want to. However, the good news is that you can still give yourself a spa-like facial treatment at home by using readily available products in the market. If you take a healthy drink every day, this will further help you achieve the same professional results of a smoother and glowing face.


Here is a simple step-by-step procedure of how you can do this:


Cleanse your face

girl washing face

Start by cleaning your face, ears and neck to get rid of any makeup using a facial cleanser.


Scrub the skin


Get a good and gentle facial scrub to help you remove any dead skin on your face and unblock the pores. Apply the scrub your face and use your fingers to gently rub it on the skin in circular motions. Ensure that you scrub all the areas on your face paying special attention to your forehead, sections around your nose and any other oily area. Do not rinse off the facial scrub yet.


Steam clean


If you do not have the luxury of a skin steamer in your home, relax because there are several ways in which you can steam clean your face. One of the safest ways of doing this is by using a clean towel and hot water. Pour some hot water in a basin and soak in a clean towel in the water. Wring out the towel and press it all over your face allowing it to sit on an area for about 30 seconds. Repeat this process about three times to ensure that the pores open up.  


Mask the face

clay mask

The type of a mask that you will apply on your face depends on the type of your skin. If your skin is oily, a clay mask is the best and if your skin is dry, a gel mask or a hydrating cream would be the best choice. You can also make your own mask at home by blending a small amount of plain yogurt with a piece of an orange. Apply the mask all over your face and rinse it off with warm water after 15 minutes.



Since by this stage the dead skin and other impurities have been removed from your skin, it is time to hydrate and moisturize your skin. After cleaning the mask off, apply a hydrating mask to allow its properties penetrate into your skin and rinse the mask off using cold water. Use your usual moisturizer to massage your face using upward motion.


If there are some blemishes on your face, never squeeze them to force them to pop up as you may end up with an infection. If the blemish is not serious, allow it to heal by itself or seek the professional help of a dermatologist.


Morning Smoothie Love

Taking fruit smoothies regularly is a great way of nourishing your body with vital nutrients. I love my morning smoothies because they help me kick off my day in an energetic and refreshing mode, not to mention the many health benefits that I derive from this daily routine.


I love being in charge of the ingredients in my fruit smoothies by preparing them myself. Making a smoothie is very easy and all the ingredients to make these nutrients packed smoothie are within your reach. Your blender, fruits, milk or water or yogurt is all you need for this healthy habit. If you have never tried making fruit smoothies a part of your daily routine, here are some of the reasons why you should incorporate them as soon as now.


Helps improve your digestive health

fruits rich in fiber

Fruits contain a good amount of soluble fiber that assists in digestion protecting you from indigestion problems such as constipation. Additionally, the fiber helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.



Packs so many minerals and vitamins


Fruits are very rich in both vitamin C and various minerals that are all vital in your body. Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system and in addition, it helps the body to make collagen, the component that helps in developing your body framework. There are various minerals found in fruits that include potassium, folate and manganese. These minerals are very important in our bodies since they assist the body organs to function properly.


Plenty of healthy ingredients


There is an array of healthy ingredients available for making smoothies. You have the freedom to experiment with as many of them as you wish including adding vegetables if you like. A glass of a fruit smoothie will, therefore, be fully packed with nutrients that are very essential to your health.


A healthy way to lose weight

girl measuring her waist

Taking fruit smoothies is one of the healthiest ways of losing weight. The easiest way of losing weight with a fruit smoothie is by snacking on them instead of your usual junk. Taking a smoothie before eating your meals can reduce the portions of food that you take per meal. This is because they contain fiber and water that keeps you feeling fuller for longer, which reduces your cravings for junks.



Detoxifying your system


Our bodies are exposed every day to so many toxins and in order for the body system to continue functioning optimally; detoxification is required. A glass of fruit smoothies with vegetables such as spinach everyday is a great way of detoxifying your body getting rid of any chemical that may harm your health.


Daily consumption of fruit


Nutritionists and doctors recommend that a healthy diet must include fruit. Meeting this recommendation can be a challenge since one can easily forget to include the fruits in the diet. Taking a fruit smoothie on a routine basis, however, ensures that you get to consume fruits on a daily basis balancing your diet.


The beauty aspect


One of the secrets of having a glowing skin, healthy hair and nails is taking a glass of fruit smoothie daily. The daily intake of vitamins and minerals ensure that you are looking healthier and radiant.