Best Healthy Foods

There are some foods that can help keep a person healthy. These foods are packed with vitamins, minerals , and nutrients. These are the best healthy foods to eat everyday.

Raspberries , strawberries, and blueberries are great for a person’s health. They contain fiber which is good for the digestive system and will help a person stay at a healthy weight. These berries have antioxidants and Vitamin C which is good for the body and the skin.

This leafy green will help the body build muscles and will help reduce the risk a person has for developing heart disease. Spinach contains plant based omega 3 as well as folate to help with the blood flow. Spinach has lutein which will help fight the degeneration of the muscles and will help keep them strong.
These are just some of the foods that should be consumed everyday to stay healthy. These foods can help a person lose weight and get all of the vitamins that a person needs.